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Wilson Cycles, Papakura, New Zealand -
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For Road and Track, Competition and Touring Cycles.
Welcome to Michael Wilson's new website dedicated to his high quality custom Road, Race, Track and Touring Bikes which are tailor made Aluminium bicycle frames.  Wilson Cycles are New Zealand Made.
We fit bikes to people so before you purchase a new cycle, consult with us first.  Using our specially designed adjustable measuring rig, we can ensure the perfect riding position while riding our revolutionary measuring rig. 

Through special folding, tube machining and welding jigs, we can make one off bike frames to the highest quality using Columbus and Deduciai Aluminium.  Frame styles, Traditional, Compact, Colours and Tube shapes are all options available to you.
 Wilson Cycles revolutionary measuring rig.
A quality designed and built Wilson Cycle.
A mixture of frames designed and built by Wilson Cycles.
Customer satisfaction and quality guaranteed.