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Pursuit Bikes

Aluminium makes the fastest track bike! Sprint and Pursuit track specific framesets and bikes utilising aluminium's inherent high strength to weight ratio.

Pursuit Bikes

Stiff aerodynamic frame custom designed to optimise the rider's power delivery.

These durable framesets will give you everything you need to achieve your best results on the track. Built to your position, this bike will provide a startlingly quick responsive ride.


  • Custom built
  • Lightweight
  • Any colour
  • Aero carbon fork
  • Replaceable rear dropouts
  • English threaded bottom bracket
  • Supplied with fork, stem and spacers and seat post
  • Can be fully built to your budget

Frameset – priced from $2,200.00

Frameset cost includes custom built and painted frame, carbon aero fork, headset and stem spacers and seatpost – all assembled.

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